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The White Company Advent Calendar 2022 Fully Revealed!

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

One Advent Calendar that is always hard to get of because it sells out in a flash, is the White Company Advent Calendar. And the full contents for 2022 have now been revealed and the release date and link are below if this is the one at the top of your list. In traditional white, the calendar has a silver house outline on the front and contains 25 doors to be enjoyed during December - with an extra special and large drawer for Christmas Day. Contents inside cover bat, body, fragrance and home so there's a good mix for fans of the brand. AND there's two full size candles inside as well.






  • Pomegranate Hand Cream 30ml

  • Spa Restore Body Balm 75ml

  • Nourish Bath Shot 30ml

  • Fireside Fragrance Oil 15ml

  • Sea Salt & Cedarwood Shower Gel 50ml

  • Seychelles Hand Wash 50ml

  • Blanc Body Lotion 50ml

  • Blanc Body Wash 50ml

  • Fir Tree Votive 75g

  • Nourish Fragrance Oil 15ml

  • Tuberose and Cashmere Hand Cream 50ml

  • Midnight Mini Home Spray 15ml

  • Seychelles Hand & Nail Cream 50ml

  • Spa Restore Shower Gel 75ml

  • Lime and Bay Body Lotion 50ml

  • Wild Mint Hand Wash 50ml

  • Calm Hand & Body Balm 75ml

  • Lime & Bay Shower Gel 50ml

  • White Jade Gua Sha

  • Sea Salt & Cedarwood Body Lotion 50ml

  • Noir Hand Wash 50ml

  • Noir Hand Lotion 50ml

  • Sleep Bath Shot 30ml

  • Winter Signature Candle

  • Seychelles Signature Candle

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