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Tatti Lashes Advent Calendar 2022 Available Now

Tatti Lashes Advent Calendar 2022

Lashes fans get ready, the Tatti Lashes Advent Calendar 2022 is live and available now! Fans of the brand can get their hands on the limited edition advent calendar worth over £210 for £85 and get their fill of all the best loved styles and variations from the brand.Featuring 25 goodies, the lash style behind day 25 has been exclusively designed for this calendar so you won't get it anywhere else!





Value £210

Tatti Lashes Advent Calendar 2022 Review


  • Invisi-Lash Adhesive

  • Au Natural Compact Individual Lashes

  • Tres Chic Original Individual Lashes

  • Gold Curved Lash Applicator

  • Enchanted Limited Edition Exclusive Lash

  • TL3 Faux

  • TL4 Faux

  • TL6 Faux

  • TL9 Faux

  • TL19 Faux

  • Artiste Half Lash

  • Side Hustle Half Lash

  • Side Chick Half Lash

  • Perfect Fit 3/4 Lash

  • Miss Popular Russian Strip Lash

  • Russian Hybrid Russian Strip Lash

  • TL21 Brazilian Silk

  • Cali Vibe Brazilian Silk

  • Wifey Material Brazilian Silk

  • Feeling' Flirty PLT x Tatti Lashes

  • Icon Under Lash

  • Tatti Lashes Brush On Glue

  • Eyelash Curler

  • Double Trouble Adhesive Eyeliner

  • Hey Big Blender Sponge

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