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Penhaligon's Advent Calendar 2021 - Full Reveal

Penhaligon's Advent Calendar 2021

The first of the dedicated fragrance advent calendars for 2021 has arrived, and it's the Penhaligon's Advent Calendar. Looking absolutely stunning in festive green and red, in the shape of an ornate perfume bottle, this is one for the premium fragrance fans. Priced at £375 and available from the 1st September, you'll find a wide selection of some of the brands most iconic scents such as Halfeti, Ambar Stone and The Favourite. As well as this you can also find extras such as a candle, hand wash, body wash and lip balm.

Five calendars also contain a Golden Ticket which will win extra goodies in full size for an even better festive treat.






  • Halfeti 10ml, Quercus 5ml

  • Evergreen Charm

  • Lord George 10ml

  • Ambar Stone 35g

  • Elisabethan Rose 5ml

  • Babylon 10ml

  • Halfeti Body Hand Wash 30ml

  • The Favourite 10ml

  • Halfeti Cedar 5ml

  • Pen Lip Balm OB 15g

  • Comoros Pearl 35g

  • Endymion Concentre 5ml

  • Luna 10ml

  • Juniper Sling 5ml

  • Duchess Rose 10ml

  • Halfeti 5ml

  • Endymion 10ml

  • Roanoke Ivy 35g

  • Blenheim Bouquet 5ml

  • Luna Body Hand Wash 30ml

  • Empressa 10ml

  • Christmas Charm and Maduro Leaf Candle 65

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