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Lush Advent Calendar 2021 - Now Available!

One that always gets a lot of attention because it's such a sell-out, is the Lush Advent Calendar. Last year I don't remember it being in stock for long at all, but right now it's showing as in-stock and available to buy - it's a pre-order item so it won't ship yet, but will begin to ship at the end of October. However it's unlikely that there will be any left, as they always sell out in pre-order. So get in quick if you want this one.

The Lush Advent Calendar 2021 is a 25 day calendar full of goodies to enjoy during bath and shower times. You'll find customer favourites inside as well as some exclusives that are only available inside this calendar. What's more, the calendar, the packaging and inserts are all 100% recyclable so in-keeping with the Lush ethos.






-Kris Mouse Bubble Bar (Exclusive product)

-Sleepy Bath Bomb (Exclusive product)

-Merry Christmas Shower Gel (Exclusive product)

-Jolly Shower Gel 100g

-Plum Duff Shower Gel 100g

-Sleepy Bear Bath Bomb

-Orange Pop Bath Bomb

-Twilight Bath Bomb

-Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar

-Cinnamon Roll Bubble Bar

-Sleepy Bubble Bar

-Golden Pineapple Lip Scrub 25g

-Polar Bear Soap

-Baked Alaska Soap

-Dream Cream Self-Preserving Body Lotion 45g

-Cinders Bath Bomb (Exclusive Retro product)

-Thundersnow Bath Bomb (Exclusive Retro product)

-The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar (Exclusive Retro product)

-The North Pole Bubble Bar

-Hey! Hollywood! Bath Bomb

-Sleepy Body Lotion 50g

-Keep It Fluffy Perfume 15ml (Gift exclusive size)

-Lime Bounty Body Butter 45g

-New Shampoo Bar with Cork Pot

-Golden Pear Body Scrub

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