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Jo Loves Advent Calendar 2021 - Full Reveal

Jo Loves Advent Calendar 2021

The Jo Loves Advent Calendar for 2021 is here and I can fully reveal it in all of its glory! This year's design is a star which can be hung like a festive wreath in your home - a touch I've always loved, and it's the trademark red and white coloured design. Inside you'll find 24 travel sizes across candles, body care, fine fragrance and some of the new fragrance pens. There's also a full sized item behind Christmas Day for you to enjoy which comes in the form of a full sized voucher for the scent of your choice. Inside you can expect to find customer favourites such as Pomelo, a Christmas Tree Votive candle and items with the Jo by Jo Loves scent.





Value £485


  • Christmas Trees Votive 70g

  • Mulled Wine Votive 70g

  • Roasted Chestnuts Votive 70g

  • JBJL Votive 70g

  • Pomelo Shampoo 75ml

  • Pomelo Conditioner 75ml

  • Pomelo Bath & Shower Gel 75ml

  • Pomelo Body Lotion 75ml

  • Cobalt Patchouli & Cedar Bath & Shower Gel 75ml

  • Cobalt Patchouli & Cedar Body Lotion 75ml

  • Jo By Jo Loves Bath & Shower Gel 75ml

  • Jo By Jo Loves Body Lotion 75ml

  • Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods Hand Wash 75ml

  • Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods Hand Lotion 75ml

  • Jo By Jo Loves Paintbrush 7ml

  • White Rose & Lemon Leaves Paintbrush 7ml

  • Pomelo Paintbrush 7ml

  • Green Orange & Coriander 10ml Vial

  • Pink Vetiver 10ml Vial

  • No. 42 The Flower Shop 10ml Vial

  • Cobalt Patchouli & Cedar 10ml Vial

  • Jo By Jo Loves Body Crème 50ml

  • Snowflakes Room Spray 14ml

  • Christmas Trees Room Spray 14ml

  • Fragrance Voucher 100ml

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