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By Terry Advent Calendar 2020 | Beauty Advent Calendars Uk

Very excitingly there's a By Terry Advent Calendar this year and its already available to buy - yay! This one is very festive in red and gold, and features 24 days worth of products from the brand to enjoy. Inside you can expect to find a range of everyday colour cosmetics and skincare essentials in full size, deluxe travel and mini sizes.





Value £370


- Lash-expert Twist Brush 1. Master Black (Full Size)

- Lip-expert Matte 10. My Red (Full Size)

- Lip-expert Matte 2.Vintage Nude (Full Size)

- Lip-expert Shine 12. Gipsy Chic (Full Size)

- Crayon Khol Terrybly 1. Black Print (Full Size)

- Mini To Go Ombre Black Star 4. Bronze Moon

- Mini To Go Mascara Terrybly 1. Black Parti-pris

- Mini To Go Hyaluronic Pressed Hydra-Powder 0. Colorless- Mini To Go Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder 0. Colorless

- Mini To Go Tea To Tan Face & Body 30ml

- Mini To Go Compact-expert Dual Powder 7. Sun Desire

- Gwp Brightening Cc Serum 4. Sunny Flash

- Gwp Brightening Cc Serum 1. Immaculate Light

- Face Brush

- Baume De Rose Lip Care 10g (Full Size)

- Baume De Rose Tinted Lip Blam Pencil Sunny Nude (Full Size)

- Baume De Rose Lip Scrub (Full Size)

- Baume De Rose Mini To Go Lip Care Flaconnette 2,5ml

- Baume De Rose Mini To Go Micellar Water 30ml

- Baume De Rose Mini To Go Biphase Makeup Remover 30ml

- Baume De Rose Mini To Go All-over Oil 30ml

- Baume De Rose Glowing Mask Sachet 0,2g

- Baume De Rose Face Cream Sachet 0,2g

- Baume De Rose Gwp Hand Cream 15g

Watch this year's Advent Calendar unboxings here.

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