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Armani Advent Calendar - Beauty Advent Calendars UK

Premium beauty brand Armani have released this year's advent calendar and it's got the same design as last year with festive red and gold drawers to fill 24 days in December. Featuring mini's and full size products across makeup, skincare and fragrance it's a good all rounder if you want premium beauty in your life.






Armani Advent Calendar Review - Beauty Advent Calendars UK

6 Full Size Products Lip Maestro #405 Lip Maestro #102 Eyes to Kill Stellar #2 Eye Tint Silk #8 Eyes to Kill Designer Eyeliner #1 Eccentrico Mascara Black 17 Miniatures My Way EDP 7 ml Sì Classic EDP 7 ml Sì Passione EDP 7 ml Sì Passione Intense 7 ml Sì Fiori EDT 7 ml Armani Code EDT 4 ml Acqua Di Gioia EDP 5 ml Aqua Di Giò EDT 5 ml Stronger With You EDT 7 ml Eyes To Kill Classico 2 ml Ecstasy Lacquer #400 1.5 ml Rouge D’Armani #201 14 g Rouge D’Armani #400 14 g Lip Maestro #400 1.5 ml Lip Maestro #501 1.5 ml Crema Nera Eye Cream 5 g Perfection Eye Make-up Remover 40 ml 1 Accessory Armani Beauty Compact Mirror

Watch this year's Advent Calendar unboxings here.

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